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iffy adj : subject to accident or chance or change; "a chancy appeal at best"; "getting that job was definitely fluky"; "a fluky wind"; "an iffy proposition" [syn: chancy, fluky, flukey]

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  1. Of dubious authenticity, legitimacy or legality.
    He's selling new CD players for £20 each - that sounds a bit iffy to me.


  • (of dubious authenticity, legitimacy or legality):

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Of dubious authenticity, legitimacy or legality

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Ifem ('Iffy') Onuora (born 28 July, 1967 in Glasgow, Scotland) is a coach and ex-professional footballer born in Scotland of Nigerian descent. He is assistant manager at Lincoln City F.C., acting as manager during the absence due to illness of Peter Jackson.

Playing career

Onuora was a journeyman striker who played for eight lower league clubs, including two spells at both Huddersfield Town and Gillingham. He scored 133 goals in nearly 500 professional matches.

Managerial and coaching career

Upon retiring in 2004, Onuora moved into coaching. In July 2007 he successfully completed the final part of the UEFA Pro Licence course and joined a group of only 111 coaches holding the game’s top qualification.
His coaching career began when he was appointed first-team coach at Walsall in July 2004 but his contract was terminated by Walsall's manager Paul Merson in October 2004, with Merson feeling a more experienced coach was required.
Later in the 2004-05 season, Onuora became a coach and youth development officer at Swindon Town. When Andy King was sacked after a poor start to season 2005/06, Onuora was appointed as Swindon's caretaker manager. In December 2005, Ron Atkinson, who had previously been fired from TV jobs for making racist remarks, was reportedly appointed to work alongside Onuora - one of the league's few black managers. Onuora later denied that this was the case, claiming that Atkinson was at the club to film a fly-on-the-wall documentary called Big Ron Manager.
Dennis Wise later became the new Swindon manager and Onoura was offered the chance to stay in a reduced capacity but he turned down that offer and left the club. He later commentated on Gillingham matches on BBC Radio Kent.
He returned to Gillingham in June 2007 as a first team coach. When manager Ronnie Jepson resigned in September 2007 he was named, alongside Mick Docherty, as joint caretaker manager. He held the position until the appointment of Mark Stimson on 1 November 2007 and briefly remained as a first team coach under the new regime before departing approximately two weeks later. In February 2008 he was appointed assistant to Peter Jackson at Lincoln City.
As of March 1 2008, he became Lincoln's acting manager whilst Peter Jackson undergoes treatment for throat cancer. He is assisted in this role by Grant Brown.


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